Piero Zilio


20 years of experience across 50+ countries
designing and managing a wide variety
of communication projects

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Communication Strategy

I design effective communication strategies for organisations, through a solid analytical approach and a well tested methodology.

Creative Direction

I translate client’s requests into meaningful inputs to designers, turning desiderata into beautiful products with a purpose.

Project Management

I lead teams to results. I combine a human side with a structured approach to planning, executing, controlling, and closing projects.


I enjoy sharing: want to start walking on your own feet? Contact me for e-learning, publications and lecturing.

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I make decisions based on solid data.


I take actions with a clear purpose.


I am highly productive.

Latest achievements



As Head of Communications of the EU Gateway | Business Avenues Programme, I oversee branding and communications for this €60 million flagship initiative across 28 EU Member states and 9 Asian markets (China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia).



As Communication Advisor of the Culture Department at ASEF, I prepared the communication plan to launch the initiative of Mobility First!, Asia-Europe Foundation’s travel grant open to artists and cultural professionals coming from 51 countries from Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.



As Communication Expert I’ve recently published my new book on digital communication for Government officials with Maggioli Editore, one of the largest and well established Italian publishers.

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Let’s keep in touch

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